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First swim in our Endless Pool

For the past few months our contractor has been busy installing our new Endless pool and fixing up an old storage room that now hosts the pool. 

Yesterday the cover was installed and the work is almost done!  In the video below I give an overview of the Endless Pool and take it out for a first swim:

Thanks to Yury Guzman and the whole crew from Grand Land Masters – they did an amazing job with the room and the Endless Pool installation.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and you want one of these installed give Yury a call - http://glmlandscapes.com/ – you won’t regret it.

Update 10/21: for Jon and other iPhone users, I also uploaded the video to YouTube – you can view it here.

The background music is a Brazilian Bossa Nova song named “Agua de Beber” sung by Astrid Gilberto and written by Antonio Carlos Jobim.  Below I have more information on the Endless Pool and how it works.

Endless Pool Overview

A few months ago, I purchased an Endless Pool on eBay.  The Endless Pool is typically smaller than a regular pool (our is 14x8), but it has a hydraulic motor and a propeller to create a current – it has been called a “Swimming Pool Treadmill” -

The Endless Pool – smaller than a regular pool, but with a current

PG&E’s (Northern California’s utility company) setbacks and zoning restrictions are a pain in the tuchas so we decided to install the Endless Pool inside one of our rooms – an old room we used for storage.  We did a bunch of work on the room and the Endless Pool is now completely done! 

The weather is so nice in California (it’s over 80 degrees Fahrenheit today, in the middle of October) that we’ll enjoy the swimming pool year round.

Here are some of the advantages of an Endless Pool over a regular pool:

  • It offers all the benefits of a large swimming pool in a small space.
  • The swimming pool and its water quality system require very little maintenance.
  • The unique, swim current is completely adjustable in speed, from zero to racer's pace.

The Endless Pool internal
current, click here for video

  • The Endless Pools kit comes complete with everything needed for swimming or exercise.
  • Excellent for many purposes: swimming, water exercise, aquatic therapy and relaxation.
  • It costs about the same to operate as a hot tub.
  • All parts of the kit can fit through doorways as narrow as 24 inches, making it ideal for installations in existing spaces like basements and garages.
  • The entire Endless Pools system has been ETL listed after passing rigorous tests for electrical and other safety standards.
  • When the swimming pool is covered, very little humidity escapes into your indoor or outdoor space.
  • Because of our innovative Water Quality System, the swimming pool is virtually odor free, even indoors.
  • The small size means the pool is inherently more efficient - less water to heat, less water to keep clean.

Below I have a bunch of links I’ve collected over the last few months related to the Endless Pool – I thought someone might find it interesting.

Endless Pool Links

These are a bunch of links related to the “Endless Pool” I’ve collected:

Main Endless Pool website http://www.endlesspools.com/
Endless Pool Gallery http://www.endlesspools.com/gallery/index.html
How does the Endless Pool work http://www.endlesspools.com/whatis/what_work.html
Possible Configurations http://www.endlesspools.com/fti/popups/configurations.html
Endless Pool Installation Blog http://ep.4bcj.com/default.aspx
Nature2 Purification System http://www.nature2.com/about/
Endless Pools on ePinions.com Long Link 
Site for Endless Pool owners http://myendlesspool.com/
Installation Proposal Template http://www.endlesspools.com/contractor/pdfs/originalendlesspoolrfp.pdf
Shipping Information https://www.endlesspoolswimspa.com/plan/plan_shipping.asp
Pool kit comes in 2 or 3 pallets, total weight around 2,000 lbs
Allied Van Lines http://www.allied.com/ (official Endless Pools shipping company)
Escrow Services https://www.escrow.com/ (suggested by eBay for large transactions)
San Mateo Swimming Pool Code http://www.ci.sanmateo.ca.us/index.asp?NID=737

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