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Call me an ‘iPhone fan boy’

I’ve had an HTC Apache phone (PPC-6700 on Sprint) since 2005 -

Sprint’s PPC-6700, with a full sliding keyboard

Yesterday Janelle bought me a new iPhone 3Gs!  Although I was able to use my old PPC-6700 to take pictures, browse the internet or even as a modem for my laptop (tethering), the PC-6700 doesn’t come close to the iPhone. 

Apple gets it right: the iPhone 3Gs

I’m a Microsoft .NET developer and I’m against Apple’s outrageous prices and the way it treats its customers (DRM, etc…).  But for my mobile experience, I have now joined the dark side, and you can now call me an “iPhone fan boy”…

In less than day I was able to easily configure my new iPhone, sync all of my contacts from Outlook (with pictures!) and add a bunch of applications from the Apple “App Store”.  Checking email (push email), browsing with the touch interface on the Safari browser or even listening to the Adam Carolla podcast is really easy.

One of the four pages
of apps now on my iPhone

Here are the applications I’ve installed and tried out so far – most of them are pretty amazing, but the ones circled in red are particularly exceptional -

My favorite iPhone applications so far; click on image to zoom in;
All applications were free except for “
Red Laser” which costs $1.99

Once you have an iPhone you can get all of these apps on the Apple App Store; search by name on either iTunes or on the iPhone itself

Yes, I realize AT&T is the least reliable carrier and the slowest for data connections (see this study from PC World).  But most of the time I’m at home or at work – as long as my phone works in those places, the advantages of using all of the the above applications and the media rich iPhone features overrides any minor nuisances from dropped calls.

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