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Meeting Bill Gates at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC)

I'm getting ready to fly to Los Angeles to attend this year's Professional Developers Conference (PDC).  PDC 2008 is an amazing conference for architects and developers who use Microsoft technology. 

Typically you'll learn more about products, applications and APIs that will only become available 1-2 years from now.  You can also meet with many Microsoft developers who attend the conference.

My 2005 PDC badge, signed by Bill Gates!

In 2005, I attended the PDC, which was also hosted at the Los Angeles convention center.  Amazingly, I met Bill Gates and got his autograph (see the picture above)!  Here's an email I sent some friends a few hours later:

> Weirdest thing.I'm attending the Microsoft PDC in Los Angeles this week.
> This afternoon I went to my rental car to put away some t-shirts I
> got. As I'm walking back to the conference center, I see three cars in front
> of the side entrance on the second level. I think to myself: "That's weird -
> what are these guys doing on the roof (of the the first level)? There's no
> one here and how did they even get on the roof?".
> As I'm opening the door to the conference center, here comes Bill
> Gates! I actually got his autograph!  I asked for a picture but one of the muscle guys said no and he was then gone.

Which star am I going to meet this year at the PDC in Los Angeles?  For more information on the PDC, check out http://www.microsoftpdc.com/.

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